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Practical Advice for Real World Issues

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The Arroyo Law Group offers a variety of legal services at an affordable cost.

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Legal Consultations

Our experienced attorneys are here to provide answers to those tough questions you have regarding starting your business, modifying your estate plan, and much more.

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Document Drafting

The Arroyo Law Group provides a variety of customized legal documents such as Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Services Agreements, and Demand Letters.

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Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property attorneys are experienced in responding to Trademark Office Action Letters, Filing Trademarks and Copyrights, and drafting Cease and Desist Letters, all at an affordable price.

Meet Our Legal Team

Our Lawyers Ensure Quality

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Bebe M. Bales

Hi, I’m Bebe. I enjoy making complex legal concepts easily accessible for everyone to understand.

My practical experience has focused on a range of business, real estate, and family law matters with an emphasis on legal research and analysis, corporate and regulatory compliance, contract drafting and negotiation, premarital asset protection, and non-contested dissolution and settlements. 

I am humbled by the clients I serve and consider their success and satisfaction to be my greatest achievement.

I seek to find solutions for my clients that empower them to reach their highest potential, whether it be through business or family.  When I am not assisting clients, I also teach courses in Business Law, International Business, Sociology, and Law and Ethics.


Deborah R. Bronner

Hi, I’m Deborah R. Bronner, an attorney whose law career has spanned more than 30 years.

I listen carefully to the details of my clients’ stories about their legal problems, and offer compassionate advice that gets results.

Since the mortgage crisis of 2008 began, I have provided legal services to homeowners in distress. In January 2016, Investopedia named me as one of the five best real estate attorneys in Los Angeles.

My clients have overwhelmingly appreciated my availability, and my success at solving their legal problems. In addition to practicing law, I have been a lifelong entrepreneur and real estate investor. I relax by exercising, cooking and socializing with friends and family. 


Scott R. Ball

Hi, I’m Scott. My practice is devoted 100% to the practice of defending traffic tickets and other minor infractions. Just about everyone gets traffic tickets, and I love the opportunity to speak with people from all walks of life and help them out.

Defending tickets isn’t rocket science, but it is an area of law that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily get burned with exorbitant fines and permanent marks on your record. But it’s not always the case that it’s necessary to hire a lawyer. I understand that sometimes the best advice is to simply pay the ticket and request traffic school, so I pride myself on the fact that the advice I give is always with the client’s best interest in mind.

I’ve represented over 15,000 clients on traffic matters and advised on thousands more. I hope I have the opportunity to help you too.


Steven H. Burke

Hi, I’m Steven. I am passionate about helping people with legal issues and understand that most times people are involved with legal matters concerning life-changing events.

I represent clients in various areas of the law, including: general civil litigation, real estate law, personal injury, employment law, estate planning, business and contract matters. I have worked as an associate attorney for law firms and been a solo-practitioner in Nevada and Hawaii.

In law school, I received the highest grade in my class for Wills Trusts and Estates and earned the book award.

Prior to law, I come from a retail sales background, so I understand the importance of customer service and how each customer/client’s matter is of the utmost importance to them.

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Eduardo J. Celaya

Hi, I'm Ed.  I have made a career of solving my clients' problems.


For 25 years, I have represented clients in the state of Arizona on a variety of legal matters, including contracts, business, bankruptcy, personal injury, and employment. I have handled cases from the initial consultation to a successful jury trial.

One of my proudest moments was helping a client save his family home from foreclosure.


I always place myself in my clients' shoes to better understand and empathize with my client. I treat my clients the way I would want to be treated, with understanding, respect, and kindness.

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Cody R. Cooper

Hi, I’m Cody.  I take pride in listening to a client’s needs carefully and being able to explain the proper course of action that needs to be taken. I advise on a wide array of topics including wills and trusts, landlord/tenant issues, and personal injury.

During my time as an attorney, I have developed the skills to attack a client’s problem, as well as negotiate and mediate in order to gain the best possible result for my clients.

Nothing gives me a greater satisfaction than being able to resolve a client’s issues, for example, settling a personal injury case and helping my clients move on from their injuries.

I make it my priority to ensure my clients’ needs are met with careful consultation and the problems solved. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and playing with my dogs.


Jeff B. Cloud

Hi, I’m Jeff. As an attorney, I believe I am in a unique position to help people. I have been practicing law for over ten years and have experience helping clients in many areas of the law.


I’ve worked in both criminal and civil litigation and for a financial company as an in-house attorney practicing estate planning. In my experience, most favorable resolutions come from being a creative problem solver and using a commonsense approach.


There are two moments that I can identify as the proudest of my career. The first was winning my first trial. I never intended on being a litigator, but after going into court questioning the State’s case and laying out my client’s defense, I knew I’d won before the judge even announced the verdict. That win vindicated my career at that point.


The second moment came after giving a presentation at a large continuing legal education conference. The room was packed full of attorneys, with people sitting on the floor in the back because the room was out of chairs. After finishing the presentation, the majority of the attendees wanted my PowerPoint Presentation to be sent out via email. It was too big for the organizer’s server, so the head organizer had to send it out directly. When I arranged it with him, he said “remind me what presentation you did again?” After I told him, he replied “it shocked me how many people signed up for that one.” The entire experience made me realize that other attorneys cared about what I had to say as an attorney.


Leia Dingott

Hi, I’m Leia. I became an attorney to help people in my community get answers and connection to the legal services they need. I am a great attorney because I take the time to listen to the needs of my clients and help them get the best solution to their needs.


I practice law in intellectual property – patents, trademarks, and copyright – helping people to protect their ideas, creations, and businesses.  I also help people to protect their families and assets through estate planning.


As an attorney I have learned patience as most projects cannot be resolved as quickly as I’d like.


Some of my most memorable moments as an attorney have been in helping people secure protection of their ideas through trademark registration.  I have been able to walk people through the process of obtaining a trademark registration for non-profit groups when they did not have the funds to pay me for my direct service.


When working with me, my clients can be assured that I am working towards the quickest way to achieve their legal goals.


When I am not working, I like to spend time with my husband and kids hiking and exploring our surroundings.

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Wayne Dong

Hi, I’m Wayne. I enjoy working with people and ensuring that they receive the help and advice they need to succeed.

I am a licensed attorney in the state of California, and I assist clients with a variety of personal and business matters, including contracts and agreements, employment matters, and liability or risk management.

As a former employee of both small businesses and large corporate entities, and now as an attorney and business owner, I am better able to understand the difficulties faced by individuals affiliated with companies of all sizes in multiple different industries.
I am proud of the fact that I was able to quickly transition from a successful career to completing an accelerated law program in order to become an attorney. I find legal work rewarding, and I enjoy working with clients who require assistance.


 My priority is always to better understand the needs of a client to ensure that they receive the assistance and advice they require.

Jonathan Fang

Hi, I'm Jonathan Fang. I am passionate about providing professional legal services to my clients while simultaneously making the legal process less confusing and stressful for them.

I represent clients in the State of California in divorce/family law matters, including issues involving custody, division of assets/debts, pre- and postnuptial agreements, and support; traffic tickets/violations; and basic estate planning matters.

My previous work and experience as an attorney has taught me both the legal practice skills and customer service skills that allow me to tackle complex cases and resolve them to my client's satisfaction.


One of my proudest career moments was helping a decorated veteran of the United States Military overturn a judgment that was inappropriately entered against him, resulting in the court granting him custody of his children.

My goal is to help clients navigate through both good and difficult times by tailoring my skills, experience, and services to their specific needs and budget.

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Joshua D. Finkelstein

Hi, I’m Joshua. I enjoy working with clients to find simple solutions for their legal needs. My areas of expertise include personal injury, business formation, immigration, and consumer protection law.

Clients’ objectives are the focal point of my practice. I am always happy to discuss the legal process to ensure they understand the fundamentals and feel comfortable moving forward.

A proud moment in my career was when I was able to recover a large settlement for a mother whose daughter was struck by an inebriated driver.


Joel Garcia

Hi, I’m Joel, and I continue to push the limits of CA family law with civility. 


Rest assured when going to court for your hearing or trial, you will be prepared with a cogent and balanced legal position.  My experience in CA Family law has taught me to be prepared, be even-tempered, and draft well-written briefs to place the client in the best possible position for his or her case.


An early career highlight would be the court ruling that an alleged separate property business was indeed part of the community estate.  Furthermore, this business was found to have goodwill and a capitalization rate of 2.5.  My client and I were at a drastic disadvantage monetarily while encountering frustrating obfuscation.  Nevertheless, the dominoes fell accordingly.  Attorney fees, then forensic fees, never-ending settlement conferences, and finally to trial.  All that preparation carried the day. 


When not practicing law, I continue to push the limits on my golf game.  I look for every opportunity to add more distance off the tee box and increase spin when approaching the green. 

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Matthew J. Janda

Hi, I’m Matt Janda. I consider myself a very relatable attorney and am easily able to interpret the law for my clients.

I represent clients in the State of California on a variety of business and personal matters, including fashion and entertainment law, trademarks, real estate, estate planning, contract formation and negotiation, and business formation.

My experience with a wide variety of businesses and contract formation give me a unique perspective on a multitude of contract issues.

One of my proudest career moments was being chosen to deliver a business law presentation for the Apparel Business Review in front of 80+ entrepreneurs in the fashion and entertainment industries.


I ensure that each of my clients receive a personalized experience catered to their legal needs. In my free time I enjoy traveling, playing the occasional pickup basketball game and exploring all that Los Angeles has to offer.

Scott McPherson

Hi, I’m Scott. I like to consider myself an expert in helping new and emerging businesses understand how best to understand and apply the law to help manage and grow their business.


I represent clients in the state of California and at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on a variety of business and personal legal matters, including intellectual property management, business formation, regulatory compliance, contracts, employment and dispute resolution. My previous work in big and small firms and in-house as general counsel for companies gave me a broad understanding of the range of issues people and businesses face on a regular basis.


A few of my proudest career moments include when I was able to successfully defend my client against a very big company in a patent infringement case and when I was able to successfully negotiate the end of a lawsuit that was very beneficial to my client.


My priorities are those of my client and I approach every consultation with the mindset of what would I do if I was in their position.  I enjoy time with my family attending theater productions, sporting events or riding our horse and hiking in a nearby preserve.

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Denise Mikrut

Hi, I’m Denise Mikrut. I enjoy consulting with people as an attorney and helping others find solutions to problems.


I mainly practice in the areas of real estate-related matters, consumer debt settlement and debt resolution issues and consumer bankruptcy.


In my 20 years as a practicing attorney, I have learned that my greatest skill as an attorney is listening to clients, empathizing with a client’s particular situation, and formulating a solution based on a client’s particular needs.


I am a past president of the Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys, have previously worked with the Children’s Attorney Project in southern Nevada, and have performed work for the Legal Aid Center Pro Bono Project.


The value I provide to clients and/or potential clients is honesty. This is done by providing a realistic assessment of a potential client case.

Hrach Mkrtumyan.jpg

Hrach A. Mkrtumyan

Hi, I’m Hrach. I believe that being a great attorney is not only about knowing the law, but being able to properly break it down and convey it in a personable manner.

I am experienced in the areas of trademarks, business entity formation and dissolution, personal injury, lemon law, contract drafting and negotiation.  

Having completed over 15,000 consultations in only a matter of several years, I have heard and helped solve it all. I enjoy thinking outside the box and creating a roadmap with my clients for reaching their legal goals and objectives, in a both efficient and effective way.

A proud career moment of mine was being named Top Attorney by Pasadena Magazine in 2015 and 2017.

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Parfait Mwez.jpg

Parfait M. Mwez

Hi, I’m Parfait. I take pride in demystifying highly technical legal concepts for my clients.

I focus on business, trademark, and music law. My career has taught me how to efficiently process complicated legal information while maintaining focus on the underlying needs of the clients.

One of my proudest moments is doing pro bono work in New Orleans where I helped the people get critical resources after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.


I enjoy the intellectual challenge of law and I enjoy guiding people to tangible, practical results. Outside of work, I spend much of my free time training in the martial arts.


M. Michelle Nisce

Hi, I’m Michelle. Deciphering legalese and breaking the law down to its layman’s terms is my priority as an attorney. I also have a knack for crunching numbers, which has naturally led me to focus on bankruptcy and business law. I have represented individual and corporate clients in Nevada on legal matters relating to their finances and businesses.


My time with a non-profit organization and tutelage under respected attorneys in Las Vegas have gained me experience in litigating other personal matters, including divorce and custody, personal injury, and contract matters.

Transparency is my priority in addressing any legal issue. I believe every client should be made aware of the good and the bad to assist them in making their decision.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me at the gym or at a dog park with my dog, Cosmo. 

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Jonathan Panossian.jpg

Jonathan R. Panossian

Hi, I’m Jonathan Panossian. I strive to help people solve their problems.  I have been practicing law in California since 2005 and have a wide variety of experience.


During my years of experience, I have learned how to litigate cases, communicate an idea to a broad group of people, and find the most cost-effective solution for my clients.


Prior to starting my own practice, I was a deputy district attorney with the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office through the ITAP Program and tried many jury trials.


I find the simplest plan of action for my clients after laying out all of their options.  When I’m not meeting with clients, I am usually outdoors hiking or traveling to the drop zone for a fun jump.


Sarah Perry

Hello, I’m Sarah.  I provide peace of mind by taking on your legal issues so that you don’t have to worry about them. I solve legal problems simply and efficiently in areas that most impact your business, or that impact the day to day business of running your personal life.  My focus is in business law, employment, document review and formation, business licensing, contracts, legal agreements, landlord/tenant, copyright, trademark, construction, and real estate.


In my more than 17 years as an attorney practicing in Arizona and California, I have learned that keen issue spotting helps to solve problems before they arise, often keeping clients safe from running into expensive litigation down the road.


I provide thorough and strategic representation on my client’s behalf. One of my most memorable career achievements involved the successful resolution of a highly complex, multi-million dollar lawsuit involving a public entity’s water treatment retrofit project.  Another high point in my career was winning a successful jury verdict in our client’s favor in a multi-million dollar fraud and business dispute lawsuit. 


My in-the-trenches litigation experience informs my up-front, strategic problem solving in the non-litigation legal world.  I am skilled at preventing missteps and in catching problems in the initial stages, thereby avoiding litigation. 


In short, I provide comprehensive, high value legal services in a variety of common legal areas, without the high hourly rates.


In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, and spending time with family including my three daughters.

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Greg Royston

Hi, I'm Greg Royston.  I’m a 20+ year transactional/business attorney.  My practice is in corporate, real estate, probate and cannabis.  I have started and run many businesses, having started out in tax working for the Big 4 accounting firms and then going into law.


Clients come to me because I am practical, efficient and I listen.

Viktoriya Photo.jpg

Viktoriya Shaykhutdinova

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Hi, I’m Viktoriya.  My inspiration is to simplify the law for my clients and empower them with valuable legal advice.


I represent clients in the state of California on a variety of personal and business legal matters including entity formation and estate planning. My business transactional experience allows me to understand the essential legal needs of my clients and find effective solutions to these matters.


A memorable career moment for me was effectively helping numerous clients to acquire and sell real estate properties during the high turnover in the residential property market and assisting on a variety of real estate matters and purchase transactions.


My ultimate goal is to help clients understand the law and guide them to the successful resolution of their business or personal issue. In my spare time, I enjoy ice skating, hiking, and discovering breathtaking campgrounds in Southern California.

Robert Vosburg.jpg

Robert E. Vosburg

Hi, I’m Robert. I take pride in being able to effectively and efficiently communicate legal advice to my clients.


I represent clients in many areas, including contracts, personal injury, civil lawsuits, landlord/tenant, real estate, bankruptcy, debt settlement, collections and various other areas.


I have consistently been able to resolve my client’s legal matters, no matter how small or complex they may be. I am proud of the successful work that I have done for those clients that felt they had no hope of prevailing or resolving their case.


When I am not working, I enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. From scuba diving to climbing big mountains and everything in between. I am also a family man, with a wonderful wife and daughter.

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